Reception room designs – New designs 2020


| 14/12/2020

The reception room designs receive a lot of attention when designing the home, as it is the place where visitors come from friends, relatives or family.

And because the reception room design expresses the first impression of how sophisticated and tasteful the people of the home are, so the reception room designs must be the finest and latest colors and unique creative designs.

If you are going to design an interior design for the home, especially the reception rooms, you must choose sophisticated international modern decorations, and take into account the design the size of the home and the size of the room and how to distribute the decorations and colors.

Interior home design with tidy designer

The reception room designs are linked to the general design of the home, and to reach a sophisticated design, the tidy designer offers you tips, solutions and ideas for the different and attractive reception room designs.

Tidy designer below reviews reception room designs of various sizes, the design of a living room with a dining table, ideas for renewing a living room, as well as some important general advice for interior home design.

Reception room designs with different sizes

The Reception room designs either facing the door of the home or in one of the rooms next to it, it represents the space that welcomes guests.

Initially, you should place a focal point inside the reception room in order for it to be the focus of all those present, for example as a television, a view of a beautiful view, a fireplace, or others, and that point indicates the sophistication of the design.

From this point, the room will be divided, the furniture will be organized, and the decoration will be distributed, the focal point is not only the only influencing factor, but it also combines with many important factors that help produce a suitable space design.

But you must also consider organizing and arranging according to space, because it imposes colors that can be used in the design, as there are two types:

– Narrow Reception Rooms

It is preferable to use light colors and avoid dark colors, as well as use of cross lines or engraving on the walls with simple drawings.

Within that space you can hang shelves on the wall and decorate it with quiet lights, and it is one of the methods that exploit the horizontal space in a distinctive way.

Large Reception Rooms

In large reception rooms, it is advised to use soft colors with inlays with striking colors; the chosen colors should be consistent and harmonious with each other, which gives a feeling of calm and comfort.

In addition to making a library of gypsum board, the TV screen is attached to it with some and simple antiques.

Ideas to arrange and organize reception rooms

There are a lot of ideas that help improve the Reception room designs and give them unconventional elegance, and here are several ideas that can be used to arrange and organize the room:

1- Place the furniture should be distributed inside the room in a way that is consistent with the decoration, so that it does not become an obstacle or an inconvenience within the room, so do not stack the furniture in one place but must create space for freedom of movement and movement within the room.

2- It is possible to place the furniture table in the middle of the room above it with a vase filled with ornamental flowers of attractive colors in addition to placing decorative trees in the corners, which gives the room vitality and positive energy.

3- Lighting is one of the important elements that receive great attention in the Reception room designs. The lighting should cover all corners of the room, and you can use large lamps or circular windows.

4- You can use the gypsum board in the ceiling to distribute the lighting inside the room in a variety of colors, in addition to the presence of chandeliers, which gives an aesthetic and shiny appearance.

5- While organizing the reception rooms, the paintings and frames should be distributed on the wall in an aesthetic way that matches the colors and decorations chosen for the room.

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